MRI scanner being delivered on a crane - Asteral

New MRI Scanner delivered to the Whittington Health NHS Trust

Asteral is pleased to announce the successful delivery and installation of a Philips Ingenia 1.5T Omega HP MRI Scanner to The Whittington Health NHS Trust on 5th May 2014. This delivery comes 28 weeks after the Trust’s decision to procure another MRI as a variation to the Asteral Select contract, and 14 weeks after planning permission was received. The delivery is demonstrative of the flexibility of Asteral’s contracts and shows how Asteral brings together the required expertise and project management skills to deliver complex projects within challenging timeframes.

Adrian Trinidade, MRI Superintendent at The Whittington Health NHS Trust, commented “The ability to adapt the managed equipment service to our individual requirements throughout the length of a long-term contract is a great benefit and extremely reassuring, allowing the Trust to have increased flexibility with its equipment selection and, in turn, offer its patients access to the latest in diagnostic imaging equipment technologies. The new scanner will enable us to deliver innovative scanning techniques as well as meet the ever expanding service requirements for both planned and non-elective patients.”

Andy Jones, Asteral’s Head of Implementation and Technology, leads a team that ensures clinical facilities are future-proofed: fit to accommodate changes in equipment manufacturer throughout the contract term with Asteral and beyond. Plans for any new build works are prepared to ensure patient and staff needs and the technical requirements of the equipment are all fully considered in room design.

As the MRI was delivered to the third-floor of the Hospital it was a challenging delivery involving a ten-metre crane to place the four-and-a-half-tonne machine in the prepared room.

Andy commented, “The project involved a challenging third-floor installation in a confined area, but it all went well. The new scanner, which is intended to be in service in June 2014, will double the MR capacity/capabilities of The Whittington Hospital. This will improve the service to the local community and Asteral is pleased to have played a part in this development.”