RSNA 2016 - Asteral 1corrected

RSNA 2016

RSNA is a Radiological conference that takes place each year in November in Chicago, USA and is a key date in Asteral’s event calendar which is why we have attended this meeting for the past 13 years, since the company was established.

The conference offers delegates the chance to attend an array of lectures being held by Radiologists and specialists in their field about research currently taking place in hospitals. This research is worldwide and allows different countries to receive useful insights into how far technology and clinical research is moving forward in other geographical areas around the world. As well as the lectures which take place inside the conference centre, there are two halls filled with medical equipment for delegates to explore. The most popular stands have up to four CT scanners, four MRI scanners, an interventional suite and plenty of ultrasounds on them, whilst other stands range from showing different types of contrast injectors to selling Radiology books.

The equipment stands are most beneficial to Asteral, enabling us to see first-hand the technology advances year-on-year. Asteral’s Technology team visit each original equipment manufacturer (OEM) each year, who will talk through modalities, what physical changes have been made and the technology enhancements inside each machine. Being vendor independent, we can look at the same modality over a range of OEMs and compare the technology that is being offered. This puts Asteral in a fantastic position as we can compare like for like and select the best equipment out there for our customers, as well as allowing us to maintain strong relationships with our suppliers. It also gives the chance to discuss new procurements that will be coming up and allows us to give feedback to the OEM’s on how our customers are finding their equipment. This in turn allows any improvements to be taken first hand to the research and development teams.

Pictured left to right: Stephen Glasgow, Head of Remarketing; Stephen Hodgson, UK Managing Director; Francesca Evans, Chief Technologist; Andy Jones, UK Head of Implementation and Technology; and Chris Young, Remarketing Manager. Photograph courtesy of RAD Magazine.