GE infinia gamma camera - Asteral

Peterborough sets sights on two GE Infinia Gamma Cameras

Two GE Infinia Gamma Cameras, including one equipped with SPECT C/T, have been ordered as part of Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Managed Equipment Services partnership with Asteral.

These cameras are the latest in a large procurement programme from a range of manufacturers as Peterborough’s new acute hospital, integrated care centre and mental health unit are built and go live. Asteral procures, maintains, replaces and coordinates training for all of the major diagnostic and theatre equipment as part of the Progress Health partnership. In addition to the cameras, with an MRI from GE, an overhead gantry resuscitation room from Philips, a CT scanner, and digital fluoroscopy rooms from Toshiba, and three injectors from Medrad, Peterborough is fully benefiting from Asteral’s vendor independence ensuring it gets equipment that best fits its clinical needs.

Paul Crockatt, Radiology Projects Informatics Manager at Peterborough, said “the MES with Asteral is bringing a range of equipment from different manufacturers which allows us to optimise clinical need, operational efficiency and ultimately deliver results for patients. These new gamma cameras bring the fastest scan cycle in the industry, a more effective workflow and unparalleled clinical flexibility. All in all, this will help us deliver more accurate diagnoses, improved efficiency and ultimately a better patient experience”.