Staff in front of UHL's gamma camera - Asteral

Leicester’s gamma camera upgrade delivers results

Latest results show that University Hospitals Leicester’s high expectations when Asteral upgraded their gamma camera last year have been exceeded.

The performance metrics collected by Asteral as part of its Managed Equipment Services contract with Leicester reveal that the new gamma camera has increased throughput and delivered high staff satisfaction.

Claire Greaves, UHL’s Head of Nuclear Medicine, explained that “because the camera is so versatile, scheduling has become much easier and this has helped us meet our two week waiting times across all of our hospital sites. The camera brings invaluable new functionality allowing us to link NM and CT images while both NM staff and radiologists can view results remotely.”

In addition to the new equipment, UHL is also benefiting from more stable planning and support “The knowledge that the cameras will be replaced every 10 years without having to bid for capital equipment money is great. And in the more immediate term, the speed of response that comes from having on-site first-line engineers from Asteral dramatically increases equipment uptime and reliability.”