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Leicester exceeds 99% uptime with Asteral

170 items of major medical equipment managed by Asteral under their partnership with University of Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust (UHL) have performed at over 99% uptime during the last 12 months.

In addition to the large volume of imaging and diagnostic equipment covering all the major modalities, Asteral manages robotic pharmacies as well as mobile trailers that assist UHL deliver care in the community. Asteral also procures new equipment, provides on-site maintenance and training.

Working across all three of the Trust’s hospitals, Asteral runs two Managed Equipment Services (MES) for the Trust. The first MES, which has run since May 2004, delivered an average equipment uptime of 99.77% across 62 items of equipment over the past 12 months. The second MES which includes older and more complex equipment has been operational since August 2007 and achieved an average uptime of 99.52%.

Ernie Thompson, Equipment and Contracts Manager at the Trust, explained that “scheduling procedures becomes far easier because we know we can rely on our equipment. In turn, delivering care becomes far more efficient across the Trust.”

Talking about the challenging operating environment facing the whole of the NHS over the next few years, Ernie Thompson added: “the MES arrangements are already helping us plan for the future because regardless of changes to capital budgets, we will be able to stick to our plans to install new state-of-the-art equipment while being flexible enough to meet the changes and demands of the financial climate. So the benefits go beyond operational efficiencies because we know we will continue to improve the quality of patient care we deliver year on year. We look to be more innovative in our joint approach to the equipment agenda to account for strategic changes and working with the wider healthcare community.”