Installing CT and MR machines - Asteral

CT and MR installations on track at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

The equipment re-configuration across Asteral’s Select service at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL) is underway, with the delivery and installation of seven out of eleven new CT and MR scanners over an eleven month period.

As the UK’s leading vendor-independent provider of managed equipment services, Asteral is providing the Trust with access to the very latest in diagnostic imaging technology under the terms of a longstanding managed equipment service. Asteral completed an evaluation of UHL’s Radiology equipment portfolio to meet the Trust’s increasing clinical needs and is updating the existing suite of CT and MR machines. The largest single installation of CT and MR machines for a single Trust, this work began with the delivery of a Toshiba Aquilion CXL Slice CT scanner in March and has continued over the past seven months with the most recent delivery of a Siemens Definition Flash Dual Source CT in August and a GE Optima MR planned for October.

The four remaining MR and CT scanners from GE and Toshiba will be delivered between now and February 2014 including the Toshiba Aquilion One due for installation at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Upon completion of the project UHL will have acquired a total of six CT and five MR scanners from a range of manufacturers which include Toshiba, GE and Siemens.

The Trust will also take delivery of eleven injectors supplied by Bayer. The whole consignment will include five Medrad® Spectris Solaris® MR injection systems and six Medrad® Stellant® D Dual Syringe CT injection systems with new Certegra® Workstations. This would enable the Trust to gain access to Certegra® CT Contrast Dose Management in the future. This Certegra® informatics platform will support the Radiology departments in driving protocol standardisation and easily accessible audit data.

Andy Jones, General Manager for Implementation & Technology at Asteral said, “We have worked closely with UHL over many months to ensure we best meet their specific clinical requirements for the procurement and installation of new equipment. It’s great to now see the outcome of those plans with the ongoing implementation process. On completion of the project UHL’s renewed and enhanced Radiology department can ensure it continues to deliver optimum levels of patient care.”

Stephen Hodgson, Chief Operating Officer at Asteral, adds, “As part of Asteral’s long-term service with UHL we assess the Trust’s requirements and deliver ongoing access to the latest and most suitable technology. By deploying these new machines we ensure UHL receives improved performance driven by increased equipment utilisation and reliability.”

Judy Gilmore, Radiology Service Manager at UHL, said “Working with Asteral gives us the unique opportunity to choose equipment from a range of different manufacturers meaning we can procure the most appropriate machines for our needs. Asteral’s experience, resources and specialist knowledge ensures we can install innovative scanning technology to meet the ever-expanding service requirements of our Radiology department.”