Asteral Select & Whittington’s 10-Year Anniversary

Asteral is pleased to announce that December 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of our long-term partnership with Whittington Health NHS Trust.  Asteral currently manages and maintains 66 Trust assets including 2 CT scanners, 1 MR scanner, 20 x-ray systems, 2 mammography units and 16 ultrasounds.

Over 10 years Asteral has replaced all major items of diagnostic imaging at Whittington Hospital at least once, including the installation of a new Philips Ingenia 1.5T Omega HP MRI Scanner, which weighed six tonnes and required heavy duty lifting and positioning via a third floor window.  The installation came 28 weeks after the Trust’s decision to procure the MRI as a variation to the existing Asteral Select contract, and 14 weeks after planning permission was received.  This demonstrates the flexibility of an Asteral Select contract and shows how Asteral brings together the required expertise and project management skills to deliver complex projects within challenging timeframes.

Adrian Trinidade, MRI Superintendent at The Whittington Hospital, commented “The ability to adapt the service to our individual requirements throughout the length of a long-term contract is a great benefit and extremely reassuring, allowing the Trust to have increased flexibility with its equipment selection and, in turn, offer its patients access to the latest in diagnostic imaging equipment technologies.”

Whittington Health NHS Trust selected Asteral as its partner because of our vendor-independence and flexibility to meet the changing demands of the health economy.  The Asteral Select service integrates seamlessly with the Trust’s existing PFI contract, provides full financing for all equipment, and reduces the Trust’s costs and financial risk.  The Asteral Select contract takes responsibility for the strategic management of medical equipment, allowing the hospital management team to maintain their focus on patient care.

Whittington Health NHS Trust is located in North London and cares for a population of 500,000 with a priority of providing the right care at the right time for patients to ensure the community they serve live healthier lives.

For more information on Asteral’s services please call 0118 900 8100.