University Hospitals of Leicester - Asteral

Asteral celebrates anniversary at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

1st June 2014 was the seventh anniversary of Asteral’s Select contract with The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (“UHL”).

The eighteen-year  contract with UHL started in 2007, following Asteral’s original contract with the Trust which began in 2004. Asteral has recently managed a £45m variation to contract – providing the Trust with the flexibility to meet changing clinical and financial needs – the largest variation that Asteral has undertaken since the organisation was established in 2001. Asteral manages 261 assets at the Trust and in the past eighteen months has procured eleven CT and MR scanners. As a result, UHL now has access to the latest technology for their CT and MR needs.

Christopher Langley, Chief Executive Officer at Asteral, commented: “Asteral is pleased to celebrate the anniversary of this contract, which is demonstrative of the longstanding relationships that Asteral forms with its customers. We are working hard to help UHL achieve the best patient care by providing clinical choice of equipment across our Asteral Select scheme and delivering uptimes in excess of 98%.”