Kingston Hospital sign - Asteral

Asteral celebrates four-year anniversary with Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The fourth anniversary of Asteral’s Select contract with Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was celebrated on 1st September 2014.

The seven-year contract started in 2010, and included the vendor-independent selection, procurement, installation, training and maintenance of two new CT scanners and contrast injectors. Prior to the installation of the new equipment, Asteral managed the de-installation and remarketing of old equipment, user training, as well as the provision of room design services and turnkey works to accommodate the new equipment.

Further to the success of the Select contract, in 2013 Asteral was entrusted with the maintenance of the rest of Kingston’s Radiology portfolio through its innovative Protect service.

Stephen Hodgson, Chief Operating Officer at Asteral, commented: “Asteral is pleased to celebrate the anniversary of this service and is working hard to help the Trust provide the best patient care.”