Stephen Hodgson, David Cook, Dr Caroline Allum, Sean Williams, Dr David Grant, and Glenn Winteringham - Asteral

32 NHS Trusts learn from Whittington’s pioneering approach to medical equipment

The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust’s partnership with the medical equipment solutions provider, Asteral, came under the spotlight last month when the Trust hosted an open day for 32 other NHS Trusts to learn how they too could benefit from the pioneering way in which it manages its major diagnostic equipment.

In 2005, the Trust entered into a partnership with Asteral to update their medical and diagnostic equipment. At the open day, the Trust highlighted how its long-term, 15-year, arrangement has ensured a sustainable supply of state-of-the-art equipment and reduced both its fixed costs and financial risk while still having freedom to choose equipment from the full range of equipment manufacturers underpinned by tough performance guarantees.

Sean Williams, business development director at Asteral, explained the rationale for the open day, saying “as the whole NHS faces increasing demands for even higher-quality care delivered at the lowest possible cost, we were keen to work the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, to share with other NHS organisations how patients and the Trust had benefited from the partnership.”

The event was hosted by Consultant Radiologist and Associate Medical Director, Dr David Grant, and opened by the Trust Chairman, Joe Liddane. It was attended by a total of 68 delegates from 32 NHS Trusts who heard about how the service has transformed the Trust’s operating practices and helped transform the delivery of care at the Trust.

Dr Grant commented on the day saying “preliminary feedback was hugely positive. We demonstrated yet again that we are an innovative organisation that works as a cohesive team. We have successfully built upon our commercial links to provide high quality, patient-centred care that represents good value for money for the taxpayer.” It was also important for us to “raise the profile of the Hospital and make a mark for ourselves in the NHS community by helping others learn from our experiences.”

Accompanying photo showing from left to right:

  • Stephen Hodgson – Scientific & Technical Director, Asteral
  • David Cook – Operations Director, Asteral
  • Dr Caroline Allum – Associate Medical Director, Whittington
  • Sean Williams – Business Development Director, Asteral
  • Dr David Grant – Consultant Radiologist & Associate Medical
  • Director, Whittington
  • Glenn Winteringham – IM&T Consultant, Whittington